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    Red Tape Formal Shoes for Men | Soft Cushioned Insole, Slip-Resistance, Dynamic Feet Support, Arch Support & Shock Absorption

    Red Tape Formal Shoes for Men | Soft Cushioned Insole, Slip-Resistance, Dynamic Feet Support, Arch Support & Shock Absorption

    Color: Brown
    Brand: RedTape


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    Experience a fresh and stylish new appearance with RedTape Men's Brown Formal Dress Shoes! These shoes feature a TPR Sole and Leather Upper, providing a polished and sophisticated look for any formal event.


    1. SLEEK APPEARANCE: The Leather upper adds a touch of sophistication and elegance, perfect for any formal event.
    2. ANTI-SLIP GRIP: Top quality TPR soles provide exceptional grip on different surfaces and reduce the risk of slipping.
    3. VERSATILE & FUNCTIONAL: Designed for formal occasions with the convenience of easy upkeep.

    Product Specification

    • Material: Sole - TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) | Upper - Leather
    • THIS MENS FORMAL SHOES IS FOR: Achieving a refined and elegant look. The Leather Uppers and TPR Sole make them the perfect choice for any formal event or occasion.
    • Features: Closure - Lace-up | Heel Height - Flat | Toe Shape - Round
    • Benefits: These shoes are perfect for any formal event. The TPR Sole and Leather material add a touch of class and refinement to the overall appearance.
    • LIFESTYLE: Formal Shoes
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Ankit kohli
    Sole damaged within 02months

    Read tape shoes have very cheap quality as compared to local shoemaker. As I faced shoes sole damged within month's I wrote them mail but they have no solution because they have policy of 45days warranty so I suggest everyone not to buy formal shoes from redtape. Thanks

    Worst product its cuts my feet to much

    Here is a scathing review for terrible formal shoes from the Red Tape company that severely cut and damaged my feet:

    A Bloody Trail of Regret: Red Tape's Awful Formal Shoes

    As someone who has to dress professionally for work, I've gone through my fair share of formal shoes over the years. However, none have left me feeling as violated and mistreated as the abominations produced by Red Tape. Their formal shoes are an assault on feet everywhere.

    From the moment I slipped these Red Tape monstrosities on, I could feel the malicious intent oozing out of every stitch and seam. The cheap, low-quality leather felt like jagged pieces of cardboard shingles wrapped around my feet. Almost immediately, I could feel the rough interior rubbing my skin raw with each excruciating step.

    As the night wore on, my once professional looking socks took on a gruesome tie-dyed appearance as they became soaked through with my own foot blood. The soles offered literally zero cushioning or arch support, making each footstep feel like I was stomping on buckets of jagged legos.

    The shoddy construction was a crime against formal footwear everywhere. Pieces were misaligned and seemed to be actively working against keeping the shoes together and on my feet. I fears for my safety having to wear these ankle traps disguised as dress shoes.

    WhatRedTape somehow failed to grasp is that formal shoes are meant to provide a polished, professional look while being comfortable enough to wear for extended periods. Their footnote nightmares accomplished the exact opposite - looking like ramshackle pieces of junk while actively torturing my feet for hours on end.

    I've had blister-inducing shoes before, but never have I experienced such willful disregard for basic foot health and safety than with these Red Tape atrocities. Do not be lured in by their reasonable prices - these shoes are a brutal form of foot-binding masquerading as formal footwear. The only redeeming quality was finally being able to rip them from my mangled feet at the end of the night. I give them zero stars, two dramatic middle fingers, and a court summons for grievous foot assault.