Our people power our success. A positive work environment where they can learn, grow and belong is our priority.

We Promote Engagement

We provide our employees with a stimulating environment to help them reach their full potential. Reward and Recognition Programmes, Team-Building Workshops, celebration of special occasions at the workplace, Open-Dialogue between employees and management, recreation programmes and above all, Our Value-led Culture are some ways by which we promote a conducive workplace.

We Value Diversity

We Respect and Value the Diversity of our people by recognising every individual’s contribution. Our strong emphasis on embracing people of all Backgrounds, Ethnicities, Genders, Lifestyles and Belief Systems is anchored in the firm belief that the best solutions are often those that draw on diverse ideas and perspectives.

We Encourage Work-Life Equilibrium

As a progressive company, we recognise that to have a quality life, it is essential to manage both work and personal responsibilities. Through our flexible policies, we encourage our people to maintain a better work-life balance. The result? Happier, healthier and more productive employees.

We Want You to Grow With Us

This is an exciting time to be at REDTAPE LIMITED as we seek to grow our brands and business. Grow with us by joining our dynamic team where professional goals are achieved through Talent Management, Leadership Development and Promising Career Opportunities.