RedTape is a Premium Lifestyle & Fashion brand upholding its commitment to providing consumers with the Best of International Styles, Top-Notch Quality and Unparalleled Comfort at competitive prices.

The story dates back to 1996 when it became one of the first Indian Footwear Brands to be available in the leading Global Markets such as the UK & US. Since then, REDTAPE has only moved onward and upward.

Today, RedTape is a Global Fashion Brand for the Young and Fashionable Generation. It has a strong presence in the UK where it is sold through the Top-Chain Stores and Multi-Brand Outlets. In the US and Europe, where it has a growing presence, the brand is sold through multi-brand outlets. It has also developed a significant online presence in such markets. It has also established itself in the markets of Australia, Turkiye, and UAE. Having exclusive showrooms in India, Dubai, Sharjah, Nepal, and Sri Lanka, the brand aims to expand its presence across the globe.

RedTape appeals to the aspirations of the new generation of consumers because of its Superior Value and Exclusively Fashionable Designs available at affordable prices. It also offers seamless experience by being present at both offline and online mediums, enabling consumers to make purchases through the shopping channels they prefer. Additionally, augmented reality solutions at the brand outlets have helped consumers enjoy an Interactive and Immersive Shopping Experience

The brand has raised the bar and has diversified its product line from just catering to the footwear needs of its consumers to an amazing mix of casual and semi-formal apparels including Shirts, T-Shirts, Ethnic Wear, Trousers, Denims, Sweaters, Jackets, Belts, Socks, Wallets, & Handkerchief.

RedTape has expanded its target market beyond Men’s Fashion by introducing Women’s & Kid’s collection of Footwear & Apparels. The brand consistently serves up New and Innovative styles that excite and inspire through the Creativity and Latest Design.